ELECFREAKS XGO Robot Dog Kit V2 For micro:bit

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ELECFREAKS XGO Robot Kit V2 for micro:bit is a bionic quadruped robot dog kit specially designed for artificial intelligence education for teenagers. It can be combined with the micro:bit to perform graphical programming on MakeCode, which is more suitable for teenagers to learn to program. With 15 DOF, it can perform and interact like a real pet dog, as well as pinch and carry with its robotic arm, allowing children to learn mechanics, electronics, programming, and AI as they play with it, and getting them prepared for the future life of AI.


wholesale-worldwide 15DOFS

Intelligent Robotic Arm

XGO Robot Dog Kit V2 for micro:bit is equipped with a 3-axis robotic arm, which can realize intelligent gripping, pushing, and handling.

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Intelligent gripping

wholesale-worldwide Intelligent Robotic Armgif2


Built-in speaker, IMU sensor

wholesale-worldwide Built in speaker IMU sensor

Exclusive Expansion Board


Multiple Application Methods

wholesale-worldwide microbit xgo lite v2 makecode 0113 585876960d1beab90be1d9c7fb33014e 3

Program the Joystick:bit to control XGO V2 through the Makecode platform

wholesale-worldwide microbit xgo lite v2 app 12 4613bb9f23c79f581d4524f7a5c1f092

Use the self-developed APP to control XGO V2


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Packing List

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ELECFREAKS XGO Robot Dog Kit V2 For micro:bit
Original price was: $449.00.Current price is: $399.00.

Availability: 200 in stock

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