ELECFREAKS Smart Home Material Pack

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The ELECFREAKS Smart Home Material Pack is a customized wooden accessory pack for Octopus sensors. It is designed with fixing holes reserved for IOT:bit, Sensor:bit, Servo, and Octopus sensors, which enables us to show better results when building cases.

Specially Developed For STEAM Education

Applying this product in real life to the classroom, combined with our Octopus series sensors, allows children to get started quickly and learn programming for fun.

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Have A Child’s Favorite Appearance

Expert research shows that bright colors are more able to arouse children’s interest. Our products use a combination of red and ELECFREAKS corporate colors to make the whole more harmonious and beautiful, and make children more interested in STEM education.

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Easy To Install

Compared with the complicated screw installation method, we have adopted an extremely friendly bolt-fixing method. Moreover, the assembly of this product is also very convenient. Just press it, and it can be assembled without any other accessories.

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Compatible With Octopus Sensors

ELECFREAKS Smart Home Material Pack is a wooden accessory set specially tailored for Octopus series sensors. It is no longer an ordinary circuit connection, but can show the use of sensors in a more scenario-based manner.

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Smart Air Purifier

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Smart Pet Feeder

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Remote Door Opener

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Smart Voice-Controlled Light

Humanized Design

ELECFREAKS Smart Home Material Pack has reserved sensor holes for users to install sensors more conveniently to show more interesting projects.

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Three kits are specially developed for It

We have developed three new kits specifically for use with this product. Can show projects to students more directly in class.

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Packing List

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ELECFREAKS Smart Home Material Pack
Original price was: $9.90.Current price is: $9.00.

Availability: 200 in stock

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