ELECFREAKS microbit Robot Smart Cutebot Kit (Without microbit Board)

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ELECFREAKS microbit Robot Smart Cutebot is a rear-wheel drive smart car powered by two high-speed motors. Cutebot has a lot of built-in equipment, such as an ultrasonic sensor and a distance sensor, two RGB LED projectors and position lights on the underside, two line tracking sensors, and an active buzzer as a horn. It has rich graphical programming for Cutebot that will help kids learn programming from simple to complex.

Small and cute

The exclusive screen-printed design, smooth edges without burrs, environmentally friendly and safe materials, and playful and cute shapes make the Cutebot microbit robot kit stand out. Start using Cutebot immediately after downloading it, no second installation is required.

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High Performance and Explosive Power

Although the body of ELECFREAKS Smart Cutebot Microbit Robot Kit is relatively small and cute, it has strong explosive power and can be used to participate in robot competitions.

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Rich Expansion Accessories

It can be connected with other accessory packs, such as ELECFREAKS Cutebot Lithium Battery Pack, ELECFREAKS Mechanical Catch, ELECFREAKS Smart AI Lens Kit, and ELECFREAKS Interactive Coding Accessories Pack, and other sensors, such as ELECFREAKS IIC OLED Module, ELECFREAKS 8×16 Matrix Module, and octopus sensor, etc.

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Rich Onboard Resources

Cutebot includes many built-in functions, such as ultrasonic, rainbow RGB light, RGB frame light, buzzer, infrared receiver, line-tracking sensor, and gimbal wheel.

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Fully Enclosed Motor

Cutebot adopts a fully enclosed motor, which will not be damaged due to dust entering.

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Support Multiple Programming

Support Makecode, Python, JavaScript, and C++ programming. You can use the ELECFREAKS Smart Cutebot microbit Robot Kit to learn four different programming styles.

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Multiple Remote Control Modes

You can use Bluetooth, infrared remote control & Joystick:bit control the car to drive.

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Packing List

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Working Voltage3.5V – 5V
Dimension85.68mm X 85.34mm X 38.10mm
BuzzerActive Buzzer
RGB Headlights2 X RGB
Rainbow LED2 X Neopixel
ConnectionServo Extension、GVS Lead-out、IIC Port、Ultrasonic Port
Motor TypeGA12-N20 DC micro Gear Deceleration Motor (300RPM)
Ultrasonic Sensor Type

HC-SR04 (2cm-400cm Contactless Distance Detection, Precision ±1.5mm)

Weight500 kg


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ELECFREAKS microbit Robot Smart Cutebot Kit (Without microbit Board)
Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $34.00.

Availability: 200 in stock

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