ELECFREAKS Classroom Smart Home Kit

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The Classroom Smart Home Kit includes components such as an IOT:bit expansion board, crash sensor, 180-degree servo, rainbow LED, noise sensor, light sensor, and OLED display. These components enable a wealth of functionality and work perfectly with the micro:bit board, allowing you to explore more interesting smart home creation projects.

Combined with the Smart Home Material Pack, a well-designed wooden house model, you can combine your creations with this lovely model to give your smart home projects a more practical and aesthetic feel.

Start your smart home journey now! Let’s combine creativity and technology for creating a smart, convenient, and comfortable home environment.

Scenario-based Teaching

Apply smart home technology to the classroom through this product and smart materials pack, so that children can get started quickly and learn programming in fun.

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Smart Voice-Controlled Light

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Remote Door Opener

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ELECFREAKS Classroom Smart Home Kit
Original price was: $40.90.Current price is: $39.00.

Availability: 200 in stock

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